Stefan Turlock Recovery Coach

Codependency traits

  1. Difficulty in setting boundaries and saying “no”
  2. Difficulty in identifying and expressing feelings
  3. Difficulty in being alone or feeling comfortable with solitude
  4. Difficulty in finding and pursuing one’s own interests and hobbies
  5. Fear of abandonment or fear of being alone
  6. Inability to trust oneself or make decisions independently
  7. Difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships
  8. Difficulty in setting and achieving personal goals
  9. Excessive caretaking of others at the expense of one’s own well-being
  10. Tendency to sacrifice one’s own needs in order to please others
  11. Tendency to engage in unhealthy or abusive relationships
  12. Difficulty in acknowledging and taking responsibility for one’s own feelings and actions

It’s important to note that these traits can vary in severity and may not all be present in every individual. Codependency can be a complex issue and it’s often helpful to seek support from a mental health professional if you’re concerned about your own behavior or relationships.




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