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Steven Mervish MFDAP

Director & Substance Misuse Specialist, Drugsline Education

“I have worked in the drug field for almost thirty years, currently running Drugsline Education. I worked with Stefan for two years during 2020/21 and it was a real pleasure working with him.

I worked closely with Stefan as part of the therapy team at Solice.

Stefan’s personality and character are extremely endearing, which resulted in clients opening up about their lives and issues around drugs and alcohol abuse.

Stefan was always available to offer his colleagues advice and guidance on how to deal with matters around the 12-step programme.

In summary, I feel that all Solice’s clients and staff alike, benefit from having Stefan around the project.”


Art Director, 61 Years Old, Stockholm

“I started working with Stefan about 2 years ago. I have been in recovery and sober since then. Thanks to the actions I have taken with Stefan as a guide I have also found a new freedom, happiness and harmony in life.

I have been able to talk with Stefan about everything. Stefan has a deep understanding and knowledge about addiction and recovery. I find him also to be grounded, positive, happy and harmonious.

Stefan has an ability to understand what I need to do better than I have been able to do. I guess it has to do with experience. Instead of being hard and strict, which I think would have an opposite effect on someone like me, he has been able to use intelligent and constructive arguments to have the coin drop.

Even though addiction is a very serious matter and I was really suffering before I came into recovery I have found, working with Stefan, a lot of the time, our conversation has been joyful and with a lot of laughter.”


Accountant, 32 years old, London

“I got Stefan recommended by a friend. As I don’t live in Spain I have only been seeing Stefan through zoom Sessions. I am impressed and, I have to say, a little bit surprised that it works as well as it does.

With Stefan, I have worked on the grief of my sister whom I lost a year ago. Not only have I been able to heal from that but I have also gotten to work on a lot of other issues that I have been challenged with. I feel more relaxed and stress-free than I have been able to feel in years.

I am happy that I got the opportunity to work with Stefan and I am highly recommending him to anyone who needs help.”

“As head of Sixth form at Laude San Pedro, I have known Stefan for three years. He is determined, hardworking and reliable and his presentations have always been very successful. To be recommended without hesitation.”


Property Advisor, 54 years old, Marbella

“Stefan has been my coach for about 3 years. I was already on a good path and in recovery for my codependency when I started to work with him. But I felt I wanted to grow more and to get even more tools for a healthy life.

Stefan was really good at understanding where I was in my process and able to give me new and important insights on where I could grow and improve.

I like Stefans approach and he has a very holistic way of working. I also like that he is as much of a role model as he is a therapist. Using the tools himself and “walking the talk” so to speak.”

Les Roches School Marbella

Sandra Becerra

Student Relations & Counseling, Les Roches, Marbella

“As he is telling his story I see the students very engaged as it is a story that has parts that we can all relate to. He is presentable and engaging with his body langue and vocabulary, so the students seem very comfortable asking him uncomfortable questions that are really only done in this setting as safe confidential class environment.”


Serial entrepreneur, 49 years old, Marbella

“I was battling with a gambling addiction on top of drinking excessively. I was struggling with this for many, many years. Even though I went to go to 3 different treatment centers many years apart I could not really hold on to a solution.

On the outside it looked ok with a successful business and very good financial status but on the inside I was struggling more and more and hurting and disappointing my family a lot.

Since I met Stefan I have been on the path of recovery and been able to heal myself and my relationships. Getting the trust back from my wife and my kids is probably one of the things I value the most.

Working with Stefan has not only helped me in my recovery but in life in general. Stefan has a way of making me see things from another perspective and suggest actions that actually work.”


School Teacher, 52 years old, Stockholm

“I met Stefan for the first time 11 years ago now. One evening, I remember that, I was in such a bad shape that I couldn’t even leave the house. Even thou It was a snowstorm outside Stefan came to my house for a house call.

Ever since that evening and with the amazing help I have gotten from Stefan I have been in recovery.

Haven’t even taken a drink since then. And me and Stefan are still in touch from Time to time.”


Student, 28 Years Old, Stockholm

“Stefan came to my school to have a talk. I was 19 years old and in the back of the classroom thinking that I’m not going to be interested at all.

I hadn’t even realized I had a problem even though my consequences of using drugs was very clear to everyone around me.

Stefans way of talking about the problem and the Solution really captivated me. It was the first class, maybe ever, that I fully concentrated for the whole Hour.

The Talk really open my eyes to that change was possible and a different life was possible for someone like me.

I didn’t get sober than and there but that experience planted a seed in me and I am sober and in recovery since many years now and Stefans help have been invaluable on that journey and for that I will always be grateful.”




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